The Daily Wtf

From the evil demons that brought you HowToWriteUnmaintainableCode, it's The Daily WTF, now known as WorseThanFailure,

Again known as TheDailyWtf - name change seems to be a bimonthly occurence...

A blog of beautiful citations of the worst code imaginable, from the ample bowels of our distinguished industry.

An excerpt: "...some of you may not know what strIDWho contains. Why, it's a comma separated list of the IDs of staff members from tblStaff. Unless it involves the whole staff, in which there's a 0. Or if it involves someone outside the staff, it's a -1, a comma, and then a list of the names involved. Or a -2 for the entire programming department. Or a -3 for the entire web department. So a typical value in this column is '-2, 2, 4, 5, -1, Jim and Jane Douchebag.'"

That describes stuffing a string with data that obviously belong in a related table. [See HotComments.]

Amazing stuff.


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