The Technology Of Bpm

The page has been factored out from BusinessProcessManagement (BPM) to focus on sharing information regarding the technology dimension.

Technology related responses to implementing BPM initiatives include: More specifically, from MicrosoftCorporation we have BizTalk to compete with more established WorkFlow products like StaffWare?. IbmCorporation has a version of WebSphere that includes BusinessProcessExecutionLanguage capabilities.

NextBigThing in BPM - WirelessDevicesEnterpriseComputing

WorkFlowManagement angle

RFID (RadioFrequencyIdTags) SupplyChainManagement capabilities probably will be delivered and attached to next version of BizTalk due by end 2005. Source It appears this all started as a technology based solution to addressing BusinessProcessManagement issues. The software give recognition for time required by human being in the end-to-end ProcessManagement, including need for judgement, information sharing, etc.


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