Three Dee Graphics

3D Graphics - Tips and Tricks

Check out OpenGl for the basics, it is the most industry-standard ApplicationProgrammingInterface for ThreeDeeGraphics, and works well, fast, and is used all over the place.

Some Concepts/Problems you'll run into:

ModelLoading (And TextureLoading?)

HitTesting? (AKA CollisionTesting? or IntersectionTesting?)


If you have these three things down, down cold, you've got a very fast, good engine. These three sections are THE basis of all modern engines (Flight sim, FPS, etc.)

Some other Cool concepts:





Could anyone recommend any good books for learning about ThreeDeeGraphics and/or the other concepts listed above?

For the basics of computer graphics I've found Computer graphics: principles and practice by James D. Foley to be extremely useful.

See VirtualRealityModelingLanguage

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