Tom Warren



I am a full time geek and enjoy lots of things that are shiny!

I like to dink around with the LinuxOs using DebianGnuLinux.

I am not a big fan of the name GnuLinux and will refrain from using that name as RichardStallman did not create the LinuxKernel. If RichardStallman had gotten his act together and created the GnuHurd, the LinuxOs would just be a toy os.

Anyway, enough of that geek thing. I live in West Bend, Wisconsin, and work for Quad/Graphics doing UnixOperatingSystems Administration.

I spend my free time playing with my two sons and daughter who can be seen at I also enjoy skiing, which is hard to do in Wisconsin where there isn't a lot of hills!

I am spending my free time playing computer games and trying to learn the PythonLanguage.


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