Turn Around To Self Management

TurnAroundToSelfManagement is probably appropriate when the time to influence changes to your environment is not ready yet. SelfManagement is still possible, as long as there is life.

There are lots of BeautifulMinds in our industry. They draw people towards them due to their intellect, and equal numbers are repelled by the lack of attention to SocialIntelligence aspects.

WardsWiki been plagued by EditWar in recent months.

Let's start by reviewing SerenityPrayer. If MoreLightThanHeatGuideline is honoured, perhaps we may not need the ArgumentumAdInfinitum on whether security and transparency would provide the solution to WikiNoisePollution? Are there behavioral guidances we have missed? Or actions we thought were "meant for the opposition only", but are equally applicable to us?

It is perhaps timely to TurnAroundToSelfManagement.


TurnAroundManagement, inspired by a janitor at http://leadership.wharton.upenn.edu/digest/12%2D01.shtml#LESSONS%20IN%20LEADERSHIP:%20%20From%20a%20Janitor

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