Video Toaster

The NewTek? Video Toaster was the KillerApp of the AmigaComputer. Take that, mid-80's Macintosh, with your DesktopPublishing?!

Contemporary computers, including the iMac, now support digital video editing. I wonder, though, if iMovie 2 can do chromakey.

No, i don't think iMovie2 can do chromakey. But FinalCutPro? can. -NateKlauer

Not in realtime it can't. The dedicated Toaster hardware made that possible. Software only can't do that.

Do you think there's a market for actual VideoToaster's p.s. is there a wiki/site/suggested pages for NewInventions? and gadetry (such as toasters that really do play video as you cook:) ? -- sw

In Feb 2004 the video toaster software was released open source, see

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