Why Extreme Was Used

Are you curious to know why the word Extreme was used in ExtremeProgramming?

From the Preface of ExtremeProgrammingExplained: "So why the "extreme" in the name? Because XP takes commonsense principles and practices them to extreme levels."

In Kent's words: "When I first articulated XP, I had the mental image of knobs on a control board. Each knob was a practice that from experience I knew worked well. I would turn all the knobs up to 10 [i.e., to their extremes] and see what happened."
Some view the use of "Extreme..." as a now-dated use of a prefix that was very trendy at the turn of the century (the book was published in 2000). Here's a choice sample of some "extreme" things: It shows a danger inherent in titling a book or concept -- names that are hot, new and exciting at the moment (to attract attention and buzz) are quickly cold, old, and dull after the moment has passed.
If ExtremeProgramming is not extreme as in extreme sports, extreme dating, etc., what's with IronGeek?
See: DontCallItExtreme i will read this seriously :)

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