Wiki Engine Review New Release

Please maintain separate reviews for each version of each WikiEngine. The intent is to maintain reviews of old versions of WikiEngines that might still be in use on a WikiFarm or on a specific WikiSite. The following is the recommended approach to creating a review for a new version.

Creating a Review for a New Version of a WikiEngine

If a new version of a WikiEngine is released and you want to review it: When I do a review of a new release, I will: -- RandyKramer

How will one find the latest release?

I suggest keeping an active WikiReviewPointSeven? etc. link always active (at the top of) this page which always points to the latest release. Alternately, Copy and Paste the Old releases to each page, and keep the latest one here. But the first method will probably cause less hassle / lost data.

-- MatthewTheobalds

I should have put a description of the approach I am already using -- look at an example and let me know whether you think it is adequate or can be improved. Example -- see WikiEngineReviewTwiki.


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