Wiki Engine Review Twiki December Two Thousand

Review of TWiki, December, 2000, Release

(It is named TWiki, but must be written as Twiki in a WikiName on this wiki.)

General Notes

Adding Attributes

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Reviews of New Releases

Please maintain separate reviews for each version of each WikiEngine. The intent is to maintain reviews of old versions of software that might still be in use on a WikiFarm or on a specific WikiSite??. See WikiEngineReviewNewRelease for the recommended approach.


See WikiEngineReview, WikiEngineReviewNotes, and WikiEngineReviewTemplateAnnotated for notes and discussion about these reviews and Wikis in general.


The screens look more cluttered than those of some other wikis I've seen, which may make using the wiki more daunting for the casual reader / editor. (I am fairly certain there is a way to fix the cluttered screen by changing a template for the screen. The approach of using icons for many of the options, like MoinMoin does, could provide the cleaner interface I'd like to have.) The built-in search facilities are better than some other wikis, but not all that I would like to have. People have experimented with modifying TWiki to use a database, an improvement which might be needed for large WikiSites.
I would like to have password protection and email notification of individual pages or groups of pages. The fact that HTML is allowed worries me, and may be a reason to have password protection on all pages.

All in all, this may be the first wiki I attempt to install, meets many of my needs, and will be my standard for comparison at this time.






Working Well with Others


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