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If you are using a Windows System, the following experiment may prove to work. It may work on other systems as well, but I have no way of testing to make sure.

Requirements and Extensions Tested

Windows is normally configured to automatically associate and load a media player to hear sound files. If you do not use windows, your operating system must associate a suitable media player with sound files.

Some extensions tested and found to be working:

Is this news?

Yes, this is news Yes, this is news, it shows how one can represent sounds attached and associated to topics with WikiPage names -- DonaldNoyes.20080507.1439.m06

Great, can you go ahead and add a new Wiki page for every single file type on the planet, too? Hey, everyone, you can link to Excel spreadsheets!!! (At least on Windows and Mac)! Film at 11! Or perhaps we could just accept it as a given that HTML links work in Wiki the same as they do everywhere else.

Nothing is taken as a given when it comes to wiki!

-- DonaldNoyes.20080507 20111025

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