Wiki Tabotage

Tabotage = tab + sabotage.

Now and then I'll go to a wiki page and I'll see a lot of stuff in fixed width font that goes right off the side of the browser. It won't be that somebody forgot to check the ConvertSpacesToTabs box, because the whole page will be like this, even though it was edited by many people. Something happened to all the tabs! Specifically, they all got converted to the equivalent spaces.

ohhhhh! I thought "tab + sabotage" referred to WikiButchering while alternatively conscious. ;-)

I would put a case in point, but somebody would just fix it anyway...

How does this happen? Is it possible that some people's browsers are converting tabs to spaces automatically? -- EdwardKiser

Yes -- Early versions of KDE have a web browsing component in KFM which, when used for browsing Wiki, does exactly this. Hopefully modern versions don't, but I haven't checked to make sure.

See SpellWhiteSpace, TabMunging

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