Wikid Pad

A Free, OpenSource PersonalWiki for Windows; it's also been ported to Linux and Mac OS/X.

From the wikidPad Web site (

"WikidPad is a wiki-like editing program for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down. What makes WikidPad different from other notepad/outliner applications is the ease with which you can cross-link your information."


WikidPad is available from the main web site above, or the project page at

It would greatly help if there was a tutorial of some kind showing us how this software can be used to its full potential. In particular in relations to the hooks available but not fully documented. See

There is a tutorial now called First Start, which explains clearly the concepts and the use of Wikidpad.

Some Reviews of WikidPad (but really old)
Not to be confused with WikiPad, another PersonalWiki, in case that's what you were looking for.

Any chance this PythonLanguage based product can be ported to WindowsMobile easily? -- dl

It's theoretically possible, but I have my doubts. WikidPad is based on wxPython, and my experience with wxPython on WindowsMobile devices has been that the combination of Python + wxPython + wxWidgets just has too much overhead for those devices--at least as of 2006. Besides, the differences between using a desktop computer and using a hand-held device are so large that you're usually better of designing an interface that works better for the handheld, rather than directly porting the desktop interface. -- TimLesher

''I was also longing for it as I'm daily using it, so it was the first thing I wanted on my handheld... I can confirm the overall size of the python stuff needed to get it working (especially wxwindows) require a good card extension + it's overall quite slow (more than 30s to start !) + hard to use as you don't have enough space for the tree. I'm therefore now using a fall back solution that is using C.Ziemski ToDo page generator ( to have the ToDo generated as a classical wiki text page, then a small script copying all my .wiki files in .txt files in the synchronized area : you can then use bLADE Personal Wiki on your handheld to view and modify pages. ActiveSync? will update modified pages that you just have to revert back as .wiki in your initial WikidPad location. It requires sometimes rebuilding the WikidPad DB but works overall quite OK. -- Tooper
Anybody had success running this in Linux? It should be easy, being a python application, but it spits plenty of error messages when I try it. -- jandi

What kind of problems did you have? There's a page on the WikidPad Trac that gives detailed instructions: -- TimLesher
[5-15-2007] Two of us (soon to be more) running version 1.7 on XP-Home and XP-Pro sp-2. All I can say is: WOW! and Awesome! More then I was hoping for, and more then I was looking for! Thinking of trying the other releases that are as of yet unstable.

Yes, I recommend trying the "unstable" releases. For me they work very stable. I always use the latest beta.

I have been browsing and hearing about wiki for personal management systems, and tried many. This one stands out! I got hooked into it. It is so easy, so intuitive and so powerful. The best thing is that it is standalone. Web interfaces don't seem to be very appealing for personal management, and they, requiring a browser and a server and such, are very slow compared to WikidPad. Working in WikidPad with AutoCompletion, etc, is like working in an ObjectOrientedProgramming environment. Having no such experience in programming anyway, I just remember the few weeks I worked with VisualBasic. You really are kind of programming your information structure while working. And everything is on the fly.

The TreeView, the Attributes, Inserions, etc are very useful. -- Ahmed

See also: WikiLikeThing, (Please delete this link as soon as the Sistersite icon is on)

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