Windows Ninety Eight

Windows 98 (pronounced as windows ninety eight) was the version of MicrosoftWindows that was released in 1998. It was the later version of WindowsNinetyFive. Compared to its predecessor Windows 98 was better in stability and user friendliness. The operating system was optimized for the Internet. In fact the integration of MicrosoftInternetExplorer to the OperatingSystem in Windows 98 was a subject of anti-trust litigation and a Department of Justice investigation which is still continuing (see MicrosoftAntiTrust).

You paid how much for Service Pack 98? --<a standard 'net flame>
Keeping your copy of WindowsNinetyEight in shape

security catchups see MicrosoftCorporation link at

USB2 and Firewire drivers

For a list of and downloads of necessary updates, see the resource at:

I started a programming gig, and they gave me a Win98 box. I spent a week whamming on VisualCeePlusPlus, and experiencing frequent lockups. Then at a meeting they asked me how I liked Win98. "I have found it's very stable if you only run one application at a time."

I didn't figure everyone would laugh. As an old Unix and Amiga guy, I had no idea that this generation had been advertising Win95 as if it were "the first widely-used desktop that supports multitasking". Sigh. A couple weeks later WindowsNt went in. I took to calling that "Windows NUT".

-- PhlIp

See also WindowsNinetyFive

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