Aalbert Torsius

I enjoy reading, especially CyberPunk and other ScienceFiction.

I believe we should all try to FixOurWiki all the time. When coming across something that isn't as it should be, fix it in passing; it's easy enough.
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Aalbert, there are other alternatives to RecentChanges. You can lobby for Ward to allow Colin to restart AutoPcn?, that way changes in pages of interest to you will be noted. Another way is to use ImplicitTopics or other similar facilities such as the Example at http://donaldr.noyes.com/NysLte/CategorizedChanges.htm | I noticed Nov05 -- DavidLiu 21Nov05

I know. It's just that for the moment, I find RandomPages to be the most interesting feature. -- ATS
AnswerMe: I'm experiencing difficulties registering at both sites. Since the license permits redistribution, does anyone have a copy for me? Thanks in advance. -- AalbertTorsius
Possible Answer: Try the Dolphin site

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