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Add your name: To Contributions

Wiki is a web site, but there is a community of people who use it. By adding your name to the pages you create or modify, you let your identity be known. Using a user name is a personal declaration to the small community of regular observers. It says, "I'm proud of what I do here, I'd like you to know it is me." Statements of personal opinion and personal experience are often more valuable if readers know who is saying them and can relate them to the author's other contributions.

Adding your name is not mandatory, and is sometimes not desirable. Anonymous contributions are always welcome. It is traditional to not add your name to minor contributions, to simple statements of fact, or to edits of other authors' work. Whenever names are not attached to contributions, those writings are considered to be "community property" that anyone else can edit or delete as they wish. See GoodStyle and ToSignOrNotToSign for more guidelines.

When you add something to a page, and want to sign it, you can put two hyphens a space and your name (" -- WikiName") at the end as a signature.

Add your name: Create a HomePage

As a first step, you can create a WikiHomePage using your WikiName.

Add your name: RecentChanges

If you visit the UserName page, you can set a cookie in your browser that will cause your name to appear in the RecentChanges and RecentEdits lists whenever you make a change.

Add your name: Use Real Name

See also RealNamesPlease. Contrast with NoNamesPlease.

Add your name: Not Here

Please do not add your name to this page. Use the WikiWikiSandbox for experimentation.
Pages expressing CommunityExpectations

Is the prior comment a bit hypocritical? After all, the author didn't mention his or her name. -- JaredLevy

This page expresses CommunityExpectations; it is not a personal appeal from me. This one of those cases where anonymity is desirable. But if anyone cares, I wrote it. -- KrisJohnson

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