All Purpose Tool Kit

The AllPurposeToolKit, so far, as developed by Jim Allen and myself, consists of the following:

Is there anything else a person needs? Even better, is there a way to replace any two items with another item that works as well as both? -- RjLesch

If you get a hefty pair of pliers, you don't need the hammer.

But wait--the hammer can also be used as a (somewhat primitive) screwdriver.

Seriously kids, hammering with a hardened steel pliers or a file will shatter it, and even a cheap case-hardened tool can bury a painful chip fragment into your eye or hand. Better add a pair of goggles to the toolkit. --SafeTMan

If you get an extra large leatherman, you can use it to replace the knife, pliers, and hammer.

Some leatherman tools also have a ruler built into the case, so you wouldn't need a tape measure.

What is the baking soda and vinegar used for other than impressing little kids?

Both are great general-purpose cleaners, though not really substitutable for each other. And, as you pointed out, if you need to generate a chemical reaction to increase pressure or something, you can mix the two. -- RjLesch

You should not forget a nice big towel. Preferably soaked with some nutrition liquid! At least that's what the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tells you. -- TG

Don't forget to add a DVD boxed set of all MacGyver episodes! :-)
A way to start a fire. One interesting way is to put steel wool across a 9V battery (you might want to put a bit of duct tape across the battery terminals to store the kit, unless you want it to ignite itself!)

Assuming you could find a stick and a rock, you could make a hammer from them + the Duct tape.
Boy scout shops sell a plastic handle with a pencil width inch-long rod of magnesium sticking out of it, if scrape your knife along it sideways, it makes lovely sparks. Also, a leatherman is an amazingly useful tool.
You seem to have left out the multimeter, crescent wrench, and condom.


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