Amaya Browser

Web client from W3C, Amaya differs from WebBrowsers by treating editing of pages equally to viewing them, and there aren't even separate modes/views for reading and writing. Imagine browsing the web in NetscapeComposer.

Special features: Frequent updates: v8 (Apr 2003)

The net result is that it is extremely painful to use for both viewing and editing.

The version I'm using (dated April 2000) is actually very nice for both. I find a web that's even easier to edit than Wiki really quite astounding.

Amaya comes with source, so even the rest of the WikiPrinciples can be implemented - at least on your local host. Amaya is a candidate for a WysiwygWiki. BTW do you know some public editable Websites that supports Put Publishing With Amaya? -- FridemarPache

Dear Amaya/Jiigsaw team,

At least one public Jiigsaw site, where we can use/test/discuss Amaya as a collaborative environment like on a newsgroup or a Wiki-forum would be nice.

Please have a look at

It hurts lovers of your great browser-server concept, that on your no link to a reference implementation of Jiigsaw is given. Or did I miss something?

I append this email as a posting to the publicly editable WikiPage for your power feedback to interested Wiki-users. (This way, you need not waste your time in bilateral email-communications, as you know from your Amaya-publishing concept).

An Amaya-based Wiki would be great.

Best wishes

-- FridemarPache

By the way - did we happen to discuss the fact that Amaya doesn't even come close to complying with HTML 4.01? Or that it renders everything completely differently than every other browser out there? Or that it is a pain to use?

Sorry about that, W3C, but I test my pages through NetscapeNavigator, Internet Extorter [InternetExplorer], and OperaBrowser. Amaya is unusable as a browser to test compatibility.

Surely ANY single browser is unusable to test compatibility, since compatibility testing by definition requires testing on all browsers.


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