Anthon Pang

I am a Canadian software developer/consultant currently residing in the greater Toronto area (Ontario). As a software development professional, I don't categorize myself as a HighlyPaidConsultant or ConsultantsDontCode. I've held a number of IT positions of progressively increasing responsibility, and in recent years, my career spanned such positions as programmer/analyst, engineering team lead, and technical manager.

My technical specializations are: C (expert/demi-god), C++, Java, Visual Basic, data communications (wireless/mobile and wireline), multithreading and IPC, and database technologies. My (Wiki) interests include: DesignPatterns, AntiPatterns, WritesCompilersAsaHobby, LeaderShip (e.g., LeadByExample), and management (e.g., ManagementByWalkingAround). I use, support, and contribute to OpenSource software. I have an active interest in the stock market (i.e., one of those BuyLowSellHigh traders) and a passive interest in the law (e.g., NonCompeteClause).

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