Ars Digita


(among other things) publisher of the ArsDigitaSystemsJournal.

The company behind the free and open-source ArsDigitaCommunitySystem (framework for developing web applications, with a suite of applications such as content management, bboard, and so forth).

Now no longer a going concern; went down in a FlamingPileOfDoom?. See EveAndersson's account at and an alternative account at

What a soap opera. But it's easy to see where they destroyed themselves: they took money from the wolves. The moral might be phrased thusly: Don't go to bed with anyone you don't want to wake up next to.

This is why PhilipGreenspun's bullshit about passion and overtime and obsession over quality and craftsmanship (see PhilipGreenspunOnOvertime) is just that: bullshit. Look what he did. In the end, he took the money and ran.

Be wary of those who seem too eager to exploit your "passion".

The artile PhilipGreenspun wrote about these events from his point of view are at odds with your conclusions here. Read what he wrote at
Alas. Now the remnants of ArsDigita are the property of RedHatTheCompany.
ArsDigita in the past when I first dealt with them left me with an impression that they were a bit of an elitist due to the software product. Being an elitist definitely hurt them in the market place. Oh, I forget, they no longer are in the market place.

You wield this word elitist as if that were something bad. How silly.

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