Attention Director

A type of idea that tells you how to direct your attention, such as PayNoAttentionToTheManBehindTheCurtain.

Sounds like a meme or meme-complex, to me.

AttentionDirectors tend to be self-fulfilling, in that once you decide to believe one, it attunes your perception in such a way that you tend to see evidence supporting it and to not see evidence that might indicate that it is false.

Optimism and pessimism are AttentionDirectors.

The ScientificMethod is a kind of AttentionDirector.

Two very important AttentionDirectors, which are mutual opposites, are "A person is in control of his own life" and "A person is the plaything of forces beyond his control." Whichever one you choose to believe will come true for you -- which tends to support the first one more than the second.


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