Automate Boredom

BoredomIsaSmell. Possibly the only smell you should heed when it comes to the decision to automate.

Examples of non-boring tasks, which would be less-suited to automation, with their boring counterparts, which would be more beneficial to automate:

I HaveThisPattern. Every time I find myself saying "this is boring" while working on my Web site, I end up creating another script to AutomateBoredom: site maintenance, uploading changes, HTML validation, link checking, indexing, etc. Editor macros insert tag pairs while writing content. New pages use a standard page template for boilerplate material. I now spend almost all of my Web design time writing and editing content, not formatting, without using a ContentManagementSystem. (My site validation script indicates successful results with a GreenBar, and incorrect pages produce a RedBar. Reminiscent of a UnitTest, but written before I'd heard of them.)

This may explain part of the popularity of blog software: it lets people create a well-organized site without mucking around with HTML, alleviating the need to AutomateBoredom entirely.

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