Baltimore Xp Users Group

We're now AgileMaryland; go there for info.
I'd be glad to participate in a WashingtonDcAreaXpUsersGroup, but living between Annapolis and Baltimore, I'd really prefer something in the Baltimore, Columbia or Annapolis area. Anyone else interested? -- GeorgeDinwiddie

I am interested in either. -- MattScilipoti

I'm particularly interested in a Baltimore area group. -- ChrisDavis

Definitely interested in Columbia. -- RickKilcoyne?

While my main interest is in the Washington group, I'd be willing to attend Baltimore group meetings, too. There might be more people like me; maybe we should intentionally stagger the meeting schedules (e.g. Baltimore the 4th week of every month, Washington the 2nd). -- GeorgePaci

I think George may be on to something here. Logistically, this makes sense to me. Are there other issues to discuss? -- MattScilipoti

I'm also interested. -- JeffWaltzer

Hmm... interesting stuff! I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland Baltimore county. count me in!!! -- Akshay Java (

Have you guys arranged a meeting place and time yet? -- JohnJudd

Here's one more vote for Columbia. Where's a good pub? -- PeteHorsfield

Should I start a Yahoo group for this? -- JeffWaltzer

Hey, I've recently relocated to Baltimore (Owings Mills) so anywhere around is fine... -- HillelGlazer

Is there a website for the Baltimore XP Users group ? Any of you meeting regularly ? Am up for it. -- RaghuHavaldar?
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