Bavarian Illuminati

Don't believe it. We don't want you to believe it. SkullAndBones is just a fraternity. That stuff on your money is just decoration. And you are all citizens. No, really! Your problems are your own. Don't come crying to us. We don't exist. --BavarianIlluminati

Ewige Blumenkraft

According to some GrandConspiracy theories, e.g. in TheIlluminatusTrilogy by RobertShea? and RobertAntonWilson, the BavarianIlluminati control the world. Fnord

They do, indeed.

Rumor has it, JohannWolfgangGoethe was one of them, and JohannSebastianBach, too. Start to see a pattern here?

So Lectroids are Illuminati?

It's all terribly clear - Johanns form the Illuminati, Roberts oppose them!

Exactly. Also note that they seem to be involved in JFK's assassination Fnord. A word directly evolved from the word hashishim, the name of the ancient predecessors of the BavarianIlluminati.

If I'm not mistaken, the hashishim were middle eastern assassins that frequently used cannabis, hence both derivatives: assassin and hashish.

You cannot blame everything on us. Next thing - we are responsible for PI being irrational.

Don't be silly. PiIsNotIrrational. But you did scourge us with Java. Admit it!

Synchronicity! I was off work sick yesterday and reread the first two-thirds of TheIlluminatusTrilogy in bed... I come back in today, check QuickChanges, and there they are, right at the top of the list! It's all true! Or, at least, something is...

-- JohnMasson

John! A Johann! Don't listen to him. -- RobertRoberts?

And Masson is surely a thinly-disguised Mason. He must not be trusted. -- PaulTevis

But doesn't the movie BobRoberts? imply that the protagonist is Machiavellian enough to be one of the Illuminati?

Of course it's all true! It's All Permissible! Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! Kallisti! 23 Skidoo!
Almost everything on this page is nonsense. -- JohnReynoldsTheStudent (fnord!)
Not to be confused with the AluminumBavariati?, a trade organization for the sale of metal building siding.

Just think. How much food has been canned in Mason jars? I won't even mention the pyramid-with-an-eye thingy on the dollar bill. (Uh-oh, I just did...)

Johann in other languages:

ScottJohnson (whoops....)

All of those names derive from the Roman god "Ianus"/"Janus"(derived from Latin "ianua", meaning door), who had two (fnord) heads. He was the ruler of Latium(the area where those who spoke Latin lived) and brought it into its "Golden Age". He also reportedly saved the life of Romulus(the mythical founder of Rome), thereby making it rather believable that Ancient Rome was the original Illuminati(also notice which language "Illuminati" comes from)!
Exactly. Also note that they seem to be involved in JFK's assassination.

John F. Kennedy? -- JohannesGijsbers <- And another Johann!

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