Be Mindful

The basis of Buddhist meditation and OptimisticProgramming.

Mindfulness means to be acutely aware of the present moment, a capacity which comes easily when encountering something for the first time.


See perhaps LeibnizianDefinitionOfConsciousness. And also LaoTse #38.

-- AnonymousDonor

Earlier, someone (perhaps not this AnonymousDonor) deleted the quote at the top and left only these links (the latter is, more directly,

Was it an act of HolyWar by an alliance of European philosophy and Taoism against Buddhism? Can a gorilla have LeibnizMind??

Actually, the LaoTse analect seems to be an attack on Confucianism - but also on hierarchy, which the Leibniz page is promoting - so the alliance falls apart! -- tr

 So focused on Mindfullness,
 I lost the horizon,
 Fell, crashed, and burned.

What's that from? -- TomRossen

I made it up. Why should it be from something?

True, although she [this refers to a previous version of the response to "What's that from" - i.e., "Google doesn't tell"] does have a lot to say about "focused on mindfulness". In this work (if I may so refer to the above poem), the implication seems to be that the horizon, perhaps because it is "distant", is not in the purview of the mindful consciousness. But pragmatic distance is not reducible to spatial distance.

But now that I think further on it, that's irrelevant. It's self-consciousness that's the problem here. Let's consider how one might come to the conclusion that focus on mindfulness can destroy mindfulness.

But here I have to stop. It is not reasonable to conclude from the above that the mindful consciousness will become preoccupied with itself. Instead of "focus", we should think in terms of "maximal depth of field" as the "resting state" of mindful consciousness. "Focus" is the transitory response to new data - a triage: is this opportunity or threat? Once the determination is made, an effortless shift back to the resting state would be instantaneous.

... in this hypothetical mindful consciousness. -- tr

 Shifting to a resting state,
 I lost the horizon,
 Fell, crashed and burned.

-- AnonymousDonor


Shifting to a resting state, I lost the horizon, Fell, crashed and burned. , I lost the horizon, Fell, crashed and burned.

-- tr

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