Belarus Xp Community

BelarusXpCommunity is new russian speaking community founded in CNIITU research institute at Minsk, Belarus. WWW site is now under construction. Feel free to contact us

--- AndreySidorenko

It's great that such a thing exists - I thought that ExtremeProgramming was almost unknown in Russia and ExUssr?... Can you tell me something about your experience? How many people are in your community? Have you developed (or are you developing) any successful projects? Does PairProgramming work? (I have some doubts about the willingness of Russian people to work in such a way. Not a language problem, of course, but a cultural one.) -- DmitryJemerov

That's not gonna be a big problem, pair programming is much closer to the Russian culture than to whatever culture, where individualism is brough up since chilhood. I have a very good experience in that, we have been doing a whole XP for 3 months. Pair programming has turned out to be the least problem (not a problem at all). -- KirillKalishev

Very nice to see XP march in xUSSR :) Dmitry, I wander that anyone who asks me about a transition to XP, first asks about PairProgramming. No one had problems with it, AFAIK. More, it's very difficult to work another way when you once addicted to pairing.

-- PavelPerikov

We here at Madia do PairProgramming just a couple of weeks but i can say that's much more fun than alone espesially if combined with TestFirstProgramming.

-- KerimBorchaev

Wow. Impressive. Sorry, but I can answer your questions at July or in late June. Sorry again. I'm hard worker, It's warm time.

With a little help of my friends (?) we can move it UP.

-- AndreySidorenko

Aloha. Great project is almost finished. "Raw sugar and white shugar marketing and sales". 3 developers,
 Python as core lang, c/c++ at 1%.... wxPython as GUI.

3 months of development cycles, 20KLoc of Python, ~1 KLoc of C++, ~500 Lines of Haskell.

... 2 months to go...

-- AndreySidorenko

Done. Done with 40 KLoc of Python, 3KLoc of C/C++, 3KLoc of Haskell, 3 KLoc of PG/Sql. This is my greatest XP project. And it was ***successful**.

-- Hi all.

XPWeb, the tool I'm developping -with a few other guys now!!- is now available in different languages. Well, technically speaking. At this time it is available in english, french and italian.

So, if you speak anything else than these three languages, know XP, have an hour to spend (really, just an excel sheet to fill up) to help the development of this open source free tool for XPers, please anwser!

BTW, the tool is here: (there's also an online demo)



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