Bootable Personal Wiki

What would be the best standalone wiki on a bootable device?

Summary of solutions proposed:

  1. Linux + A PHP/MYSQL/Apache combo that enables us to run a PHP and MYSQL program or a PHP program locally and also has an embedded Apache server (examples?) + a PHP wiki
  2. A personal wiki with a server that operates on Linux (e.g. JWiki(, ErlangWiki, Swiki (, MiniRubyWiki) + a Linux browser (e.g. Lynx)
  3. Linux, lynx + EddiesWiki (The problem is: EW is not written for Linux. It is written for Windows.)
  4. Pharlap's TNT API and a DOS 32 extender
  5. A bootable memory stick: The idea is to have a universal wiki that could transcend all operating systems very much like bootable floppies did in their time. It's known that some computers can boot from a USB key drive, and since 2GB key drives are available, they clearly win this contest as they can easily accommodate almost any OS, wiki and browser.
  6. A floppy with DOS and a small program written as a C for dos program written with an old C compiler (1988): This could clearly be the winner. Borland's Turbo C 2.O could kick butts! It makes executable C programs in no time and it's on less than 2 megs! However, you're still left with the difficulty of writing an HTTP server (to run on an appropriate TCP/IP stack) and a browser.
  7. Linux + Emacs in WikiMode could also be a winner but on what device?
  8. PalmOsWikis on a PalmPilot
  9. A Forth OS and a Forth wiki (+ a server, a browser) (what?)

Re: (1)

I don't see what's so good about this solution compared to the others.

Re: (3)

EddiesWiki probably could be ported without Herculean effort - the EddiesWiki code doesn't use anything terribly Windows-specific that I recall, apart from the use of .INI files, which could be emulated for Linux or replaced by a cross-platform configuration file format - something XMLish, perhaps? -- MikeSmith

This might be a pretty good idea taking Google's new operative system into consideration. GoogleChromeOs is supposed to run solely online, with Linux as its core. Having your own personal wiki as a feature wouldn't be a bad idea. -- CasperSchmidt

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