Brazil The Movie

Saga of a man trapped in a BigDesignUpFront world, who tries to DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork, and gets sent to the Information Retrieval chamber for it.

Misdirected by TerryGilliam.

-- PCP

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paraphrase from movie, how do you explain the success of the terrorists' bombings? Bad sportsmanship, plain and simple, they don't know they have lost.

But how do you explain the bombing campaign is now it its 13th year? Beginner's luck!

"Misdirection" is a technique common to hiphop lyricists, magicians, street urchins, evil bureaucrats, classical Greek playwrights, Wikizens, and movie directors. One is informed the wrong thing is important, and while one watches it the real important thing gets shuffled behind the scenes.

1985 film Starring Jonathan Pryce and Robert De Niro; a humerous, quirky film representing a future dystopia where dreams can nevertheless come true - at the cost of your grasp of reality. Computers made of typewriters seen through lenses look surprisingly like flat screens, a modern feel watching it again in 2003. Only thing about Brazil is the song but one is reminded of RobertHeinlein who thought Brazil would be a superpower in the 21st century and reflected this in his books.

More TheatreOfTheAbsurd? (reminds a little of BeingJohnMalchovich?) than "1984". Funniest part I thought is the scene where the guy gets hooked up to the sewer system in his suit also the young "interns" watching videos on their computers when they should be working exactly what happens now, long before it was possible to watch videos on computers. see

I recall one scene where the protagonist orders the lobster in a restaraunt while discussing things with other people. The discussion is the plot focus. A little while later, the waiter brings a plate with an ice-cream scoop of some sort of blue substance and a cardboard illustration on a little stand indicating that the substance is lobster. You have to watch for it. I love little unexplained details like that. Reminds me of NakedLunch. -- JasonFelice

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