Budds Little Smalltalk

A Tiny smalltalk written by TimBudd.

Sources for version 4 are at: ftp://ftp.cs.orst.edu/pub/budd/little/distr.tar (600k). I've worked a bit on 'a little SmallTalk' to modernize it and called it Parla. I've fixed several bugs and added a mark sweep garbage collector. The version should build clean on any Unix look like system, and is able to to detect mingw/wine for crosscompiliation during the ./configure step.

Download at: http://www.copyleft.de/Parla/ A construct which boggles gcc and must be corrected is in interp.c:
  <                       bytePointer = bp[bytePointer];  /* corrected */
  >                       bytePointer = bp[bytePointer++]; /* original */

In defense of GCC, the original code has UndefinedBehavior, so GCC's apparent refusal to compile it seems quite reasonable.

Also, the ascii files have dos lineendings, so on unix versions you must
  tr -d '\r' < { imageSource, test.st, any others }
Thanks to Stefan Aust for identifying these gotchas.

-- JohnClonts

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