Business Stories

Part of the XpFixedPlanningGame. These are each a MotherhoodStory plus an estimate in IdealWeeks.

If XP were SelfSimilar?, these would just be big UserStory s

Looking at the examples of MotherhoodStory, I suspect we're barking up the wrong tree. A BusinessStory describes some discrete chunk of BusinessArchitecture (goals, measures, organisations, workflows, rules), regardless of whether a software system is involved. Arguably, things like a company's mission statement, a company dress code and a "no refunds" policy are all examples of business stories. They describe the business in which the system will be used, not the system itself.


Amen. I suggest that, from a developer's point of view, a BusinessStory is simply a UserStory about collecting UserStories.
See EnterpriseScenarios
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