Channel One Hamburg

At Channel One in Hamburg, Germany, we're developing a shrink-wrapped intranet application suite. Our project underwent some dramatic productivity improvements when we started to adopt XP. Since September 99 we have the complete set of recommended practices, as we understand them, in place.

Our main team consists of a dozen developers, one Web designer, and a full-time customer. We're working together in one large room, facing the beautiful docks of Hamburg. Team spirit is very high, people enjoy working this way.

We've shipped in February, in June, and we've done a gorgeous version 2.0 in September. We're still doing XP, better and better...

-- FrankWestphal

I'll try to keep reporting on the remainder of this page about what we've learned about several practices.

Conducting methodology-tuning workshops

Engaging an XP coach

Testing private methods

Writing AcceptanceTests for Web applications

More to be posted in the days to come...

I second Frank's comments about the beautiful view from their rooms into the docks. I love this city with all of my heart and rooms like this are just great. -- MarkoSchulz

Is there a more recent news? The last update to this page was November 2000 ...


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