Charles Miller


I am a Java hacker for Atlassian Software (, but I don't speak for them online. They are, however, a cool place to work.

I found this site thanks to a colleague who is something of an ExtremeProgramming Evangelist, but I stuck around because I'm the kind of guy who has an opinion about everything. (He ain't kidding, either. ;-)) (Okay, now I'm really curious as to who wrote this. It could have been any of a cast of thousands. --cm)

I've discovered an interesting WikiHabit? of mine is that the longer a contribution I make to a page, the less likely I am to sign it (Some examples of this: DesignDebt, LackOfOnSiteCustomer, TheMozillaProject). I think the reason for this might be that the longer a contribution is, the less I am "putting my two cents in", and the more I am trying to provide a basis that the wiki can grow into something bigger, better, or at least more accurate than I can supply. I hope that the lack of a signature will mean people are more likely to improve my words without having to worry about putting them into my mouth.

I believe in the philosophy of AltSysadminRecovery?, that all software sucks, and all hardware sucks. They just suck in different ways. Once you accept this as the truth, all holy wars just become a question of which way you prefer your sucking.

I am currently one of the developers on the AtlassianConfluence project, making a wiki that your boss would like.

Something I Said Recently: To me, simplicity is somewhere at the intersection of elegance, brevity and clarity.


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