Coad And Yourdon

Books by PeterCoad and EdYourdon


Didn't Yourdon just stick his name on the front? And PeterCoad had all the actual ideas? -- KeithBraithwaite

I believed those rumours too. But see MarkTwainAgeismStory. -- RichardDrake

Peter didn't have ALL the ideas. In 1990, shortly before I came to work for KnowledgeSystemsCorporation, both PeterCoad and EdYourdon visited KnowledgeSystemsCorporation to hear about CrcCards from SamAdams, KenAuer and the rest of the gang. This experience fed into the book, which I understand was a communal effort. Ed just didn't collaborate any more on moving it forward. -- KyleBrown

I took Peter's OOA course in 1991 after hearing him speak at SCOOP East. He told us that when he went to talk about getting his book published originally, he asked for (was recommended to have?) a co-author and the publisher suggested EdYourdon to give the book credibility. So the original ideas were Peter's, but Ed contributed experience, reputation, and probably writing ability. -- RussellGold

Somehow I don't think this page will ever have the ring of WardAndKent around here.


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