Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado, of the United States Of America is a beautiful place.

Ranked #1 in the Money Magazine - 2006 Best Places to Live

It is known as SiliconMountain?. See the following links: The Chamber of Commerce ( backs up SiliconMountain? all the way.

Colorado Springs is known as one of the best places to begin a StartUpSoftwareCompany? there.

I'd be interested in knowing why this is so, as I may be relocating to ColoradoSprings next year. Is it a good place for all kinds of startup companies, or particularly for software startups?

I contacted the Chamber of Commerce and they referred me to SCORE's ColoradoSprings chapter (ColoradoSpringsScore?).

Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to live.

Beautiful links:


The Soup Kitchen on Bijou is always in need of spices to put in the huge pot of soup they cook every day, the various pasta dishes for 400, and everything else they cook. They have those huge things of spices at Sam's that are great for that kind of volume. I think they cost less than $10 each; I'm pretty sure of that. If you know any groups looking for a Thanksgiving or Christmas project and consider this a good idea, you might mention it.

Contact information for the Soup Kitchen:
Star Jorgensen, Operations Manager
Marion House
14 West Bijou St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Garden of the Gods was a sacred place to the Ute Indians. (For more on the Ute Indians, see

Garden of the Gods is a city park in Colorado Springs, CO. It consists of 1,340 acres of mostly pinon-juniper scrublands decorated with many free-standing pink sandstone rocks, many of them several hundred feet tall. The area straddles the border of ColoradoSprings and Manitou Springs at the foot of the Rampart Range of the Colorado Rockies, and is home to an active community of technical rock climbers, hikers, and mountain bikers.

I just drove through Colorado Springs on my way to Snowmass just last week. I got the impression that driving through Colorado Springs was exactly the approach to take, if you catch my meaning. -- AndyPierce

Employment of Software Professionals

Software Employment in this area is found at

ColoradoSpringsXpCompanies exist too.

It's a very scenic and neat small city (about 300K, mostly in sprawl), where I lived for five years. It is, however, home to Focus on the Family and other religious-right organizations, as well as no less than five military bases and facilities (Peterson AFB, Schriever (nee Falcon) AFB, Ft Carson, NORAD, and the Air Force Academy). It's fairly affluent, homogenously white, and very very conservative. It was the origin of Colorado's imfamous Amendment 2 (which disqualified homosexuals from having any standing in discrimination suits) which was overturned by the US Supreme Court. While Colorado Springs is still fairly tech-heavy, the "silicon mountain" evaporated with the dotcoms, as many of the established companies had already left (notably DEC). On the plus side, the presence of the very hippie-new-age Manitou Springs on the west side moderates the conservatism somewhat, and its local SCA barony (Dragonsspine) is one of the most fun places to be in the Outlands (next to Al-Barran). -- ChuckAdams

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