Crit Link

A now defunct public WebAnnotation system, created by KaPingYee and supported by the Foresight Institute. Inspired by MemexVision and the XanaduProject, it acted as a proxy; to see annotations for page, you'd redirect the URL through the proxy: The same mechanism was used to add annotations. It also worked on Wiki pages. Like Wiki, there was a public monitor of the recent changes on CritLink.

Annotation projects active as of 2004: the AnnotationEngine and, of late, WikAlong.

A very nice feature of CritLink was the capability to set fine-grained link targets. This ability has now also been provided with a service called PurpleSlurple? (

Don't let us forget, that CritLink was a LinkMediator?, that allowed every Webpage to be an annotation to every other part of some other Webpage, i.e. nested and even overlapping annotated substrings. Once, when you were in annotation mode, you never left the annotation enclosure, when surfing the Web. Nobody has yet reached the genius of KaPingYee, imho. -- FridemarPache

Old experiments with CritLink removed.


Because CritLink is defunct, and is now something else.

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