Dale Jacquette

Dale Jacquette is a professor of philosophy at Penn State, who has published many papers and books on many technical aspects of philosophy including philosophical logic.

As he says at http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/d/l/dlj4/Logic.html, "I have made contributions to more specialized topics in logic theory and applications" and "I have also published numerous articles in special topics in the history of logic, including work on Kurt Gödel, AlonzoChurch, LudwigWittgenstein, AlfredTarski?, I.M. Bochenski, and contemporary logicians"

But his main work is far more important, because if correct, he has designed a logic that somehow or other avoids the semantic paradoxs and the negative results of ChurchsTheorem? and GoedelsIncompletenessTheorem: as he states of his logic on the same page "the logic delivers all of the inferential apparatus of classical logic, which my system embeds, without the existence presuppositions and related logical limitations of classical logic."

He also argues out that standard techniques used to "forestall" the standard self-referential paradoxes have failed, where of course his system succeeds. His paper "Grelling's Revenge", recently published in the respected philosophy journal Analysis, argues to this effect for standard simple type theory.

See quotes from his major work at MeinongianLogic.

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