Deschooling Society

ISBN 0060803818

Book (out of print) by IvanIllich, but available here:

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To summarize incorrectly, recommends eliminating official qualifications (certification, etc.). If you want to hire someone, find out what they know by talking with them, with others.

Educational systems can focus on teaching rather than certifying.

Might work. Hard to get there from here. Interesting thought experiment.
Another dodgy summary:

It is the responsibility of all parts of society be open to those who want to learn how they work.

Open source software is in the spirit of the book; more generally organisations and workplaces should be open to those who want to study them.

Educational institutions sometimes serve institutional needs rather than educational needs and act to exclude students from the organisations and workplaces that should be providing learning opportunities to them.
[and so on]

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See also FreeSchools, BadStuffWeLearnInSchool
Well I'm game.......

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