Digressing One

Popping this DramaticIdentity into existence violates the otherwise pretty symmetry of PositiveOne vs NegativeOne, also known as DialecticMode (yes? I need to read the modes list again next week to LetItSinkIn?). Therefore, TheEditor may wish to banish the DigressingOne back to the BitBucket.

However, sometimes AsymmetryIsInteresting?. For example, SymmetryBreaking events are a classy, if not classical, <physicsjoke>.

In some cases, the DigressingOne may be a GreenHat (creativity) or a BlueHat (meta-thinking). Hmm, or maybe a WhiteHat who isn't concentrating.

Now I come to think about it, this character is probably supposed to just throw in a WikiWord pointing at the digression, and let rip there.

This suggests that use of this DramaticIdentity should be avoided where a PromptingStatement should be used instead.


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