Disagree By Deleting Something Else

Extreme form of DisagreeByDeleting: Deleting something else by the same author, such as the author's WikiHomePage.

Also an example of "WrongTarget?" -- common among pathologically angry people. Something goes wrong at work, they yell at the kids and kick the cat. They have a bad weekend and take it out on their subordinates or co-workers. Other forms include "KillTheMessenger?" and "TreatTheSymptom?".

Right. This page is poorly named; it's not about a disagreement at all, it's about anger, whereas the original page, DisagreeByDeleting, is in fact about disagreement (with a possible side order of anger).

If you're petty enough to exact revenge, you are too stupid to use Wiki. -- SunirShah

What, you're claiming people never delete something else for the purpose of revenge on Wiki?

Besides, destructive anger is about losing emotional control out of e.g. frustration, it's actually not correlated with intelligence.

Mostly it sounds like you're expressing frustration. -- DougMerritt

Not really. In the old days, we didn't have this problem since everyone was professional. Of course, the fear of losing a job or the promise of maybe getting a job might have kept people behaving, but most likely the joy of gaining respect by our peers. Some people are not interested in being respected by peers. That is stupid, at least for Wiki, a collaborative enterprise. I mean, people are broken in all sorts of interesting ways. Some people already feel inferior, so instead of trying to gain others' respect, they assume the only way to get attention from those "above" them is to keep hurting them. This is one reason why some therapists get attacked by some of their patients. But for Wiki, exacting revenge doesn't advance one's point anyway, since it's only a clear idea that remains in the end; the politics of the day have no impact. It doesn't matter how many people side with a person or against him, because only the ideas that are above criticism can last in the LongNow. But if a person doesn't understand that he shouldn't be here since it's just wasting his time. After a malcontent leaves, we'll erase his presence, and he will have accomplished nothing. -- SunirShah

Ok, I see what you're saying.

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