Dissertation Favored Over Dialog

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I occasionally suggest how this site should be used. My GoodStyle suggestions have been here since the beginning and are linked from the edit page should anyone forget. I have done my best to discourage dialog in favor of dissertation which offers a better fit to this medium. I've been overruled. I have always and will continue to make small edits to any page for the sake of brevity, clarity or decorum. I encourage others to do likewise. -- WardCunningham.

As it turns out, that hasn't occurred for many years.

See also: GoodStyle, WikiHistory


How can we support this style recommendation of Ward for WardsWiki?

See WikiAuthor.

If MrPlato lived today, he might be the first one to create a state-of-the-art dissertation based on an online dialogue, or better, multilogue. -- FridemarPache

Note that Plato's Dialogues were authored and were not ad hoc discussions or debates, i.e. dialogue was used as a literary and philosophical device. Some are more like screenplays and soliloquies.

What is an example of a dialog vs. a dissertation?

This page is an example of a dialog. How would you turn it into a dissertation form that still works? I don't know.

Are dialectic and dialogue the same thing?

Can a Wiki dialogue be a transient state on the way to a collaborative Wiki dissertation? (transient implies the initial dialogue not dialectic disappears)

It's not a Platonian Dialogue yet. Let's get inspired by him. -- fp

One reason that we don't see dissertations on a WikiForum yet has an economical background, that can be verified on http://www.dissertation.com/. But that doesn't exclude that on a special purpose EcommerceWiki such a dream can be realized, even in combination with ongoing dialogs. -- fp

See DialecticMode for an intermediate approach. See also "Plato and His Dialogues" http://eawc.evansville.edu/essays/suzanne.htm


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