Dot Net Nuke

An open source portal framework written in VbDotNet for MicrosoftDotNet.

Nice portal system. I gonna migrate from php postnuke.'Does anyone know anything about this PhpNuke?/PhpPostNuke??--SusanRoy

Why is this thing listed on WikiEngines? Doesn't look like it is a WikiClone or even has any extension which resembles that. Btw, doesn't seem all too professional anyhow (javascript: links all over, spacer gifs, bloated html templates, not even a search function). Appears that "OpenSource" is just used here once more as promotional BuzzWord.

If Promotion means activity and improvement, I am for it, buzzword or not. Let's see where this goes.

Its not listed as a Wiki on WikiEngines. There is a wiki that is written as a module for DotNetNuke.

CategoryDotNet Interesting.

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