Duluth Minnesota

Duluth is located in the northeast corner of Minnesota at the western tip of Lake Superior. Duluth is just across the bridge from Superior, Wisconsin. Duluth and Superior are known as the Twin Ports.

As an example of the WorstPunEver:

Ole is in the big city, Minneapolis, and he's looking to go back home. At the bus station, he walks up to a bus and talks to the Driver.

Ole: "Does this bus go to Duluth?"

Driver: "Naw, it goes Beep Beep, like all the others."

Ole: "Does one of the others go to Duluth?"

Driver: "Not yet, you're the first one who wanted to go there from here."

WikiZens in Duluth:

Duluth is a pleasant town of approx. 80,000 people right on the southwestern-most tip of Lake Superior. Due to the location Duluth, is nice and cool in the summers and bitterly cold in the winters. The people who live here tend to be rather liberal in their politics and conservative in their economics. Duluth is the gateway to the famous Highway 61 (The title of a BobDylan album) which leads up the North Shore to CanadaCountry, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), and the Gunflint Trail.

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1941. Robert Zimmerman is more commonly known as BobDylan.

Another rather famous person from Duluth is Gina Lee Nolan. She's most famous for her role on Bay Watch. She's spotted here in town every once in a while still.

To see it from the air: http://terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com/image.aspx?t=1&s=14&x=177&y=1619&z=15&w=1&ref=P%7cDuluth%2c+Minnesota%2c+United+States


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