Eastern Wuss

Mystic nitwits who go in for LaoTse and all that. Often overly fond of the FarEastQuote.

Please tell me that nitwit is meant as tongue-in-cheek...

Nope, you EasternWuss(s) give me the pip. Bunch a nincompoops. All that yammer about acceptance and harmony. Well, harmonize this, ya namby pamby head shavin' mendicant. And yer mother too! Why, if I ever met that Buddha guy of yours in the street, I'd kill him!

I'm sure he'd understand.

There's a famous Buddhist quote that says, in fact, if you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. You're much more enlightened than your bloodlust would admit.

I think you missed the joke.

There ain't no joke. There's just you.

Just FYI LaoTse isn't mysticism. That's a separate thing all together. I'm sure you'll agree that not all people who quote him are Eastern Wuss(s). Saying that would just be bigotry.

Just FYI pants-piddlin' sophism. Whyn't you take a short walk on a long pier ya anti-mystical dualism junkie. All people who quote Lao Tse are EasternWusses except fer you. Yer eight-balled. Outta the club. We don't like yer kind. Yer out on yer lily-west keister. So long, sucker - Bwahahaha! --Eastern Wuss

You're funny. You really do make me laugh. Thank you.

Those who don't laugh don't get it. --LaoTse #41.

They laugh, because the way that unfolds before them seems too easy to take. It is all about manipulation of somebody else, is it not? And he, who is now wise, once laughed, too. --CarstenKlein

Wisdom is in knowing when not to followup --EmilyPostnews?.

There's a parable about a man who heard that Buddha could find good in anything, and decided to prove that wrong. So he spent three days hanging around him and doing nothing but cursing. At the end of that time, Buddha asked him, "if a man gives a gift, but it is not accepted, who does it belong to?" The man replied, "why, the giver, of course". Buddha said, "well, you have been giving me curses for three days, and I certainly have not accepted them." ...just seems like it belongs here.

I can't tell from reading this if Eastern refers to New York or Japan.?.

In the case of New York, New York, USA, it would be: Mystic nitwits who go in for SigmundFreud and all that.

I wouldn't call Sigmund Freud a mystic, except you call women a mystic on their own. Something, Freud had some problems with, as far as I am concerned. --CarstenKlein

Welcome to the west, whereon the sun sets.

Too many quotes out of context. I can't follow. Perhaps Wiki needs the insight in http://www.china10k.com/English/main/wisdom/wisdom2.htm

Eastern Wusses edit out the straw dogs.

Eastern Wusses regard all edits as straw dogs ...

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