Emotional Intelligence

EmotionalIntelligence is a topic of intense interest since the 1990 work of Mayer et al. It became a popular media topic after the 1995 book by Daniel Goleman of the same name. Corporations in US were quick to pick up on the NextBigThing, and Daniels "Harvard BS" article became a hotly requested item.

As Daniel appear to be an accomplished publicist and a prolific author, I have created a separate page named SocialIntelligence to explore the SocialDynamics of EI in an organisation, sans the religious aspects. Overtime hopefully we can have better knowledge about ourselves, our limitations and become more enlightened.

The book that started the controversies

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman 1995

ISBN 0553375067

A critical review of his work appeared Sourced from EQ information site A different source suggesting Daniel has been overly optimistic in his statements.
The Landscape of Emotional Intelligence

Salovey / Mayer Reuven Bar-On "The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace" ISBN 0787956902 '' ?2002 by Daniel Coleman
Why is it important

Four branch model of EmotionalIntelligence

JD Mayer classifications are: http://www.unh.edu/emotional_intelligence/eiemotint2.htm


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