Eval Feature

A feature provided in many programming languages (JavaScript, ToolCommandLanguage, ForthLanguage, many other scripting languages, all modern dialects of LispLanguage) wherein functions expressed as AbstractSyntaxTrees or as text (in the concrete syntax of the language) may be provided to the execution engine/runtime and executed.

Quite easy to implement in HomoiconicLanguages, though certainly not limited to these. Generally requires that the language runtime include a (minimal) compiler/interpreter for the language as part of its definition.

Advantages of having EvalFeature around:

Disadvantages of EvalFeature:

Maybe it's just me, but it seems most (not all) people who ask for "an eval function" in a language are ScriptKiddies?. They often don't even have a notion of basic features such as closures and scoping rules. Related question: do you need/want dynamic scoping for using an eval() function? WouterLievens?

See also: DynamicStringsVsFunctional

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