Express Interest

Many projects, products, discussions, and other endeavors die off because of a lack of attention. Companies won't create products where there is no perceived market, and will discontinue products that have seemingly fallen out of favor. Creative people are often driven by a desire to see others' reactions to their work, and will stop working if there is apparently no audience and no beneficiaries of the work.

Often, there is in fact a great deal of attention and interest, but if the creators are unaware of it they will act as if there is none.


If you want to see work continue on something you value, ExpressInterest in such a way that the creators/workers/participants know that there is interest. Even if you have nothing to contribute, a simple expression of attention and interest can motivate others to continue contributing.

Such expressions of interest don't necessarily have to be "encouraging" or "positive". Sometimes CriticsAreYourBestFriends. "Negative" feedback can be discouraging, but at least the receivers know that someone is paying attention.

For commercial endeavors, the best way to express interest is to purchase the products or services, or at least to let the marketing people know that you might purchase them and let them know what needs to change for you to make a purchase.


Don't encourage work in which you really have no interest. AttentionTheft will prevent people from doing other things that would be more valuable, both to themselves and to others.

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