Fast Way To Undelete

Following are some of the fastest ways to undelete pages on WardsWiki.
via QuickChanges

via WikiHistory
  1. Insert the page name in the obvious place in this:
  2. Find the appropriate version of the page from the list presented
  3. Save the contents
  4. Go back to the edit page
  5. Paste the version and save the page

Explanation that uses NewRecentChanges:

[This is a slightly different approach of how to use the history function.]
Then look for the Revision number that corresponds with the edit history that you identified (with the use of NewRecentChanges) as the one you want to revert back to (each numbered link in the output of NewRecentChanges "when clicked and opened" will give the revision number that you will need to look for in the history files). Click the corresponding history file link, copy it then go back to the edit page for the page and paste it in then save it. Quick, simple and painless. The edit histories of NewRecentChanges clearly gives the Revision numbers so it is really easy to identify what you need.
Of course, you will most likely be using NewRecentChanges instead of the individual page link above, but the link provides quicker access for this demonstration.

When fighting vandalism, one may find it more convenient to have a WikiPageVersionHistory search page that is run from one's own computer. Just copy and paste the below HTML into your own local HTML webpage.

 <!-- Begin HTML for fast C2 Wiki history pages locater -->
 <title> Page History</title>
 <b></b> Page History
 <!-- Begin Open Location Form -->
 <form name="openlocation">
 <input size=140 type="text" name="href" value="">
 <input type="button" value="Go To" onClick="location.href=document.openlocation.href.value;; ">
 <INPUT type=reset value=Clear>
 <!-- End Open Location Form -->
 <!-- End HTML for fast C2 Wiki history pages locater -->

BookMarklets for editcopy and history:

javascript:void(document.location=(""+document.location).replace(/(wiki|quickDiff)\?/, "wiki?copy="))

javascript:void(document.location=(""+document.location).replace(/cgi\/wiki\?(edit=)?/, "wiki/history/"))
This page is priceless during spam attacks, and when fighting WikiVandals.

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