Getting Things Done Systems

GettingThingsDone afficionadoes, let's face it, are often geeks. And GTD afficionadoes who read wiki are almost always geeks. When geeks approach GTD their very first thought is, paper? folders? WTF? I'll just use <PIM of choice/>. But the sad fact is most PIMs do not adapt well to implementing GTD without a lot of hacking. So begins the great quest to find the perfect GettingThingsDoneSystems for you.

The essential elements of GettingThingsDoneSystems are: This page gathers descriptions of the systems people on wiki are using. Anyone else's choices almost certainly won't work for you. But they may give you ideas. Please add your experience in a separate section below.
PeterMerel: I tried using TiddlyWiki for GTD (d3 and monkeyGTD) but then a colleague showed me how he used a windows outlook plugin to integrate email into his system ... and then I knew I was only HalfwayToHappy?. It took a couple of days of evaluating all possible alternatives before settling on this SimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork for GettingThingsDone on MacOsx: Advantages: Disadvantages:
TarynEast?: Hmmm... looks interesting - but I like being able to sort my projects however I like. Don't forget that GTD states that if you have only 50 projects you haven't been trying hard enough ;) Which means ability to categorise and sort becomes paramount!

I can categorize projects and context fine. I agree that mixing tickler order with project action order is non-standard. I'm hoping that the Leopard which integrates ToDos will provide a better way. But for now I'm very content.

I also don't find that I use the calendar integration very much - there is so little that I do that is HardLandscape.

I didn't grok ticklers at all under tiddly. I knew I needed some kind of calendar integration but the reminders thing never did anything without me going and looking at it. Which I didn't. Under the setup above my ticklers automatically become Next Actions as the day ticks over.

How do you see the mapping between iCal calendars and Contexts?

ICal provides multiple calendars, each with its own ToDos. So I name these @calls, @reply, etc. Undated ToDos? or ToDos? with a due date earlier than tomorrow simply float to the top. I do see a few more of these than I would if I had ordered Projects. But so far I don't mind that.

I also very much like the TiddlyWiki's handling of NextAction lists and contexts (ie multiple ways of getting to the same data). But there are definitely limitations to that system too.

What tiddly lacks is the email integration. I'm coming to find that indispensible.

I've noticed that the recent upgrades to the d3 wiki are pretty good (defer function and "important" flag for projects). I'd still like to be able to do heirarchical projects - which doesn't seem a part of that system. I'd also like "waiting/blocked" to be a flag on an action, rather than a context - so that when you click it off - it returns to its previous context.

I think I disagree; waiting is a way of dealing with an Action.

I practice GTD using EverNote, following the great guidelines in this article:

It wouldn't have occured to me to use EverNote in this way, so far I'm loving it.

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