Go On Linux

Can we morph into a HOWTO page? Is there already a HOWTO on this?

If you're running DebianGnuLinux, you can just AptGet cgoban, and you'll find cgoban in the menu, which includes nice help (only in english though, afaik).

The GameOfGo is screamingly popular, and simple to get started. So figure you want to download a simulated opponent and a GraphicalUserInterface Go board for the rugrat to learn. This would be the shopping list:

[RefactorMe: I may have read only the wrong README files, but I just want GTP and a beautiful UI for it. I don't give a poop about playing over the 'net until I can get the rugrat above novice level.] My current solution: The result: I'm Go-ing.

See also: LinuxGames

Go on MacOsx

Nothing like the horrors of GoOnLinux ;-) Just grab the disk image below and double-click. Really beautiful stuff.
pggo seems to no longer be available. Here are my suggestions for a computer player: -- StephanSokolow? - 07 Jan 2005

Hikarunix is a LiveCd Linux distribution dedicated to playing the GameOfGo. It fits on a pocket-sized mini-cd and requires no installation on hard drives. It includes many Go playing programs (both local through GnuGo and online) and SGF editors. See the website at http://www.hikarunix.org/.

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