Informal Future Of Programming Ideas

Informal Future Of Programming Ideas

What is the future of programming? How will programming be performed in the future?

What part of programming will require the services of the professional programmer, and what part will be done by DomainExperts enabled by ProgrammingInterfaces? to produce programs dealing with their own domain?

Where are programming languages heading? See FutureOfProgrammingLanguages. How much of the programming effort will be internet related versus enterprise related?

Just what are the ideas that are most likely to succeed in future computing scenarios?

Can this wiki take on the future? Is such an endeavor worth the time and effort? Will it influence or lead to anything?

Perhaps the computer of the future will break away from simple binary state logic. Logic that is if or else based. Perhaps the core of software might entertain the idea of a "maybe bit"? See ThreeValuedLogic. TVL is useful, and you have to deal with it if you ever do database stuff in StructuredQueryLanguage, but it has issues...

TVL is the future? Oh please no! Shoot me now!
Don't we already have topics about the future of IT around here somewhere?

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