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ASP (ActiveServerPages) is old technology, and MicrosoftCorporation would like you to learn AspDotNet instead.

But two years into the release of MicrosoftDotNet, most companies still stay with older technology, probably because DotNet is still evolving. (see WindowsVista) For people new to the Microsoft world ASP is something they can get started quickly, provided if they can source older software (and essential Microsoft patches).

Since ASP is mostly a hosting medium for JavaScript and VbScript where real complexities and capabilities arise, I suggest we spend some time in getting familiar with these two scripting languages. Links include: Here are some links for newstarts:
Example to get data from a directory, puts it into an ActivexDataObject recordset, sort and print it

For code see http://www.asp101.com/samples/viewasp.asp?file=dir%5Flist%5Fsort%2Easp result see http://www.asp101.com/samples/dir_list_sort.asp

Good programming links wanted for Server ASP/ VbScript app interacting with MozillaFirefox DOM, using AJAX type mechanisms.

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